After the closing of the official MagRacing site, it have become more difficult to find MagRacing parts and cars. And with the new opportunities 3D printing gives, anyone can create their own MagRacing parts.
We have created this “store” to index new MagRacing products and to make it easier for you to find parts for your magracer project. This website links to 3D printed products, Aftermarket products and accessories like batteries, electronics and other related products from various websites.

Please notice, this website do not sell MagRacing parts, but only links to other shops and products.

Do you need help with a product, we recommend you to contact the dealer / designer of the product. Do you need help with your MagRacing project in general, we recommend you to visit the MagRacing group or visit MagRacer.com

Online Shop specialized in MagRacing and Mini RC Cars.